Community Focus Area

Advocacy/Policy Awareness

Strategy:  Support bills and policies and provide educational opportunities to membership



Capacity Building

Strategy: Increase the capacity of our community partners



Coalition Building

Strategy:  Bring together people and organizations around our community goal


  • Foster Youth Alliance Network
  • Children’s Agenda Network – Santa Clara County Children’s Summit


Strategic Grant Making

Strategy: Provide grants to community partners that allow the experts in the area to do their work


  • Community Partner Grants – $172,000
  • Scholarships – $45,000
  • Additional Grants – $35,000
  • Total Amount for 2017-2023 – $252,000 


Direct Service

Strategy: Support the needs of our community partners with a focus on belonging and education


  • Career Workshops
  • College Care Packages
  • Essentials and Costume Drives
  • Interview Skills Training

The 2022-2023 League year had seven Direct Service events